Maintenance and inspection of our heavy equipment is the most important factor for our overall success. Our garage and maintenance team handles all the necessary jobs ranging from spare parts, lubricants and accessories for our equipment bringing it to a perfect condition. Moreover, the service team at our garage is highly experienced and trained to support our operations and make sure that no time is wasted during the execution of our works. Our experts possess the right amount of both product and maintenance knowledge required to minimize breakdowns of equipment and run an on-site service system which helps to minimize downtime when a malfunction occurs.
The product knowledge and rich experience of our staff and properly equipped garage facilities guarantee the best service for our equipment. Our workshop is able to undertake all kind of welding, assembling, painting and maintenance activities regardless the size and type of machinery. And it has the capacity to carry out major repairs for crawler excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, as well as small machineries and attachments for them.

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AlGhanim & Jabbour possesses a wide range of equipment ranging from heavy and light construction equipment to dump trucks. We hire equipment on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis depending on our clients’ needs. All the equipment for internal use or hire are always maintained in a perfect condition supported by our garage and maintenance department, which makes use of a carefully created system developed to maximize working performance and minimize breakdowns of all equipment. Moreover, in case if any long-term breakdown will occur the equipment would be replaced straight away. We provide the technical support on site through our mobile servicing teams for our construction equipment engaged in projects. Below is a list of all our equipment.



Variety of dump-trucks are available

ranging from 19m3 to 32m3

                                   20150528115031 5116284

 20150526102046 1777101   20150224120615 1998399   20150413084142 1668927   20150430110907 1865179   IMG 8130

Mobilization equipments

Variety of mobilization means are available

for various types and sizes of equipment

 20150415123635 1909268   20150415123610 2021169

BobCat Skid-steer loader

(Available Backhoe and palet fork "fork-lift" attachmenet)

 Bobcat S130   getImage.doh   getImage.dow
Caterpillar 910 wheel loader  20150413091726 2325079

Caterpillar 912 wheel loaders

(Available material handling arm "boom"

and plaet fork "fork-lift" attachmenet)

 20140517130541 2650205   20150413092453 2592306  20150415133222 2313052   C648210   C648204
Caterpillar 936 wheel loader  20150507123137 2248848
Caterpillar 950 wheel loaders  20140319105541 3014960   20150512100859 2384256   20150525101453 2230038   20150413084354 2179737
Caterpillar 966 wheel loader  20150525103143 1970474

Caterpillar 325 excavator

(Available different buckets' sizes for various types of works and soils, ex rock)

 20150527092929 2278710   20150525103138 2928218   20150426083703 2871104

Volvo L90 wheel loaders

(Available material handling arm "boom" attachmenet)

 20150129105900 2332209   20150413084312 1942227   Volvo Attachments for loading shovel wheel loader Material handling arm
Volvo L120 wheel loader  20150419171659 2989257   20150419171731 2634823

Volvo 240 excavator

(Available different buckets' sizes for various types of works and soils, ex rock)

 20150415134320 1991720   20150114135849 1696061   20150426083703 2871104

Volvo 250 excavator

(Available different buckets' sizes for various types of works and soils, ex rock)

 20150114115538 2449280   20150419171955 2668316   20150426083703 2871104
Jack-hammer (Hydraulic breaker)  Demolition Hydraulic Breaker Deconstruction Tool Equipment 1   bltb175 strong style color b82220 hydraulic breaker hammer strong for 30 45 ton excavator   IMG 8455
Long-reach excavator (18m)  volvo ec240clr1013796502   20150324160320 1897859   20150324152237 1484525
Caterpillar G12 & H12 graders  20150415142123 2208118   20150415142130 2225231   20150415142200 2394108   20150415142234 2460926   20150415142303 2236837

Soil & Asphalt Rollers

Variety of rollers are available ranging from

tyred to drum rollers, in multiple weights

(650 to 11000 kgs) depending on needs and

nature of works.

 20150413091605 2340291   20150415142359 2423820   20150507123332 2269954   equipmentrental largesize constructionequipmentrental largesize KVR4 NEW LOOK   44139  12    IMG 8495